I sell unframed prints.

I can recommend excellent framers.

Send me an image of your space and I can show you what a framed image will look like in it.


The frame is a bridge between your image and the space you live in.

Frames can be as different as the images, spaces, and people who live in them. Your spaces and tastes have a unique character and so I recommend you choose what you think the best addition is.

My preference is for framing that supports rather than draws attention away from the image. I frame all of my images in contemporary brushed steel with white matts, but then I live in white rooms with contemporary furniture and my prints often go into contemporary corporate or museum galleries. In individual homes, I’ve seen my work framed in a variety of materials from white-washed natural wood, cherry, black, white, and even gold, where each worked surprisingly well for the images and the spaces they were displayed in.

Cut a generous matt.

I recommend a generous matt (typically but not exclusively white) that let’s an image breath.
A matt that is too small gives the impression that an image is wearing a suit that’s too tight.

Protect with archival materials.

Protect your investment by using archival acid-free mounting materials. I prefer to use cloth hinges to hang prints in matts rather than dry-mounting them to board or using adhesives; many claim to be archival but are not and they often invite and make future conservation much more difficult. My goal is to be able to remove all of the matting and framing easily with no damage to the print; the framing is replaceable, the art is irreplaceable.

View through high-quality low reflectance glass.

I recommend high-quality anti-glare museum glass or plexiglass as it reduces distracting reflections. If you choose UV retardant glass or plexiglass remember that only the highest quality does not have a subtle green appearance.

Display in a generous amount of high-quality light.

Pigmented prints show their full depth and richness when well lit. My prints are optimized for 3500K, most halogen light sources are close to this. I prefer full-spectrum lighting (I use Solux.) to richly render all of the colors equally. Displaying your prints in great light will truly make them shine.


I’m here to help you.


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