Interior of gallery with white walls, concrete floor, a black bench and lights above the wall. 3d rendering mock up



.I I 

I make my prints.



Ink & Paper

I use state-of-the-art inkjet printers (Epson 9000), archival pigmented ink (Epson UltraChrome HDX Ink), and coated archival rag paper (Epson Legacy Fibre).


Long Lasting

The materials I use are among the most stable available yielding longevity ratings exceeding 250 years before any visible fading begins to occur.



My prints are sprayed with Premiere Art’s Print Shield to protect them from UV light and increase their resistance to abrasion.


Signed & Annotated

The front of each print is signed and numbered in pencil. The back of each print contains information about its production.


.Warm Light

My prints are balanced for full spectrum 3500K light (close to halogen) and look best under similar light temperatures.


Handle With Care

I recommend you display prints behind non-reflective museum glass and protect them from prolonged exposure to sunlight.



I recommend you choose a frame that fits for your space.



Metal Variants

Prints may be available as dye-sublimation on aluminum.




Inquire about current prices.