How To Choose Your Prints


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I’m often asked for recommendations on purchases.

Which prints do I recommend you purchase?

Consider these things.



Bring what you love into your life.

Trust your instincts and select the images you feel most attracted to.

These are the purchases you’re guaranteed to enjoy the most.

It’s quite likely that other people will prefer these images too.


Purchase prints before editions escalate.

Favor the first few prints in an edition, especially new releases.

They offer the fastest escalation for the smallest investment.

You can find images by year or edition number here.


Look for top sellers.

Consider classics that have escalated the most.

These bestsellers have the highest proven market values.

You can view these images here.


Follow my lead.

Be mindful of what I consider my best works.

They will be the images that are most frequently viewed and likely to escalate.

You can view these images here.


Buy multiples.

Diptychs and quantum editions offer multiple prints for close to the purchase of a single print.

You can view these images here. 


Add studies.

Consider also purchasing related studies.

Combining studies with finished works makes both more interesting and valuable together.

You can view studies here.


It’s likely that you’ll find images that fit more than one of these recommendations.