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My images surprise me. But I guess that shouldn’t be a surprise. After all, art is a process of discovery. Something new always comes to light.


My images are a form of earth art in virtual space. It’s important for me to declare that my land art is virtual. I am not encouraging people to reshape or mark the land that surrounds and shelters us. I am encouraging people to make the land a part of themselves – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. And, I am encouraging people to take an active hand in reshaping the lands within themselves.


I hope that I can be an inspiration for you to more fully and authentically engage this process – a process we all share but which we bring very different resources to. I hope that when we share our lands we make an even more beautiful world.


The images in my series Alignment explore the process of finding our place in the universe. It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that our current view of the universe is relatively new and rapidly changing. Our minds’ eyes and our souls’ urges haven’t fully adjusted to this brave new vision. Why is this so important? Our understanding of what nature is changes our understanding of who we are.


Curious. None of these images stand for the whole; they’re merely pieces in the puzzle. The earthworks remain unfinished, the paths continue indefinitely, the carvings are fragmentary. Against the vast web of creation, they seem incomplete. But, like fractals, these fragments contain clues to the nature of the whole. Perhaps, it is only when the stage for this activity is expanded and the duration of this performance is extended, that a more fully integrated vision emerges.


I’ve often felt the urge to make my art physically, but have been cautious about finding appropriate places and times to do so. Sometimes I wonder if it’s best that my land art remains intangible, as the essential subjective dimensions it conjures within us are, for the most part, invisible. My images are as much about the landscapes we find within ourselves as the landscapes we find ourselves in.


My message? We shape the land and it shapes us – outside and inside.

I’ve spent a lifetime searching the world deeply. I’ve made journeys to all seven continents and all five oceans. My experiences have shown me that we are not apart from but a part of Nature. We are a vital part of a miracle, one whose infinite depths continue to unfold before us.


I make art to more fully understand and more fully participate in this miracle. Art rarely makes the discoveries that give us more data about the universe, but art does make the discoveries about what that information means to us. Art is made and exists not just to make aware but also to raise awareness. My art is about participating in land in a sacred way.

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