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Landscapes Within


Landscapes Within collects images from all of my interlocking series.

My images are reflections of different ways of being inspired by many sacred traditions – and invitations to try them imaginatively and practically. In these enchanting landscapes of the spirit, magical things happen. Designed to rekindle our most primal ways of being and awaken our most essential natures, these dreamlike visions present the external and the internal comingled as if one.


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34 pages – 25 images


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Enchanting Antarctica is explored in this beautiful ebook.

Stunning images drawn from six voyages – 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, and 2014.

Informative texts about the region, personal impressions, and more.

It’s inspiring!


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45 pages – 34 images


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109 pages – 97 images




Condensation reveals a mysterious series of images, hovering on the brink of abstraction.

Stripped of everything nonessential, leaving little more than pure essence. These photographs are not only about the light-filled spaces they represent but also the inner state of illumination passing through them brings. With extraordinary simplicity and directness, they lead us down a path of perception encouraging us to turn inward and take a mystical journey through ever increasing stages of awareness; thinking, associating, self-reflecting, centering, meditating, praying, and contemplating.


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34 pages – 25 images


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58 pages – 50 images




Correspondence collects a moving series of images in which atmospheric and terrestrial phenomenon are brought into poetic alignment with one another, creating a felt connection both within and without.

The act of bringing the inside into alignment with the outside is a magical act. A communion takes place and is reenacted with each viewing. An exchange of reception and projection unlocks our powers of intuition. This call and echo establish a vital correspondence. These images are an invitation to look more carefully, to see more clearly and more deeply and in many more ways.


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34 pages – 21 images


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53 pages – 44 images




The images contained in Illumination reveal light both without and within to encourage a special way of seeing, thinking, and feeling about the world and our selves as parts of each other.

Since the dawn of human consciousness, light has been and continues to be both a physical and metaphysical mystery. In the sciences, light is a paradox used to unlock the mysteries of the universe. In the spiritual practices of mankind, light is a symbol used to unlock the mysteries of the human soul. Regardless of whether it shines outward or inward, light reveals – and the more you shine it the more it reveals.


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35 pages – 24 images


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44 pages – 37 images


Land In Land


The images in Land In Land all join two views from the same area; one, a detail of the ground I’m standing on; and two, a more expansive view of the landscape I’m moving through. Near and far, literal and abstract, inside and outside are presented simultaneously.

These images are as curious about time as they are about space. Two moments, passing relatively closely together, are joined; the final image doesn’t appear until both moments have passed, but the images created in those moments persist and merge. Each moment and location becomes a part of a larger continuum. Accumulating slowly, building up layer upon layer, observation, memory, and imagination comingle.


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37 pages – 24 images


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49 pages – 42 images




Reflection presents images of bodies of water and skies reflected in them that become metaphors for changing states of mind.

Together, they chart a progression of consciousness moving from calming, to clearing, and finally to illumination. Throughout this progression, a growing intensity builds as the gaze is focused more directly and deeply into the source of illumination. The images become mirrors for continued reflection, invitations to look, and look again, and to look at looking.


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32 pages – 21 images


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63 pages – 55 images




Photography means light drawing. These photographs are also drawings of light.

A majority of my images are created and presented in a way that is not site specific. These unplaced places could be virtually anywhere on earth. They are meant to be seen as being simultaneously no-where and everywhere. So too are the drawn patterns in these images. They suggest that like a holograph, every piece is deeply interconnected with all of the other pieces.


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34 pages – 22 images


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87 pages – 81 images




My images are collaborations with nature.

These surfaces were created first by something outside me and then altered by something inside me. Reception and projection are both special processes of discovery. My images point the lens simultaneously on the exterior world and the interior world.


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36 pages – 22 images


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What started as a formal preoccupation became a philosophical fascination – with symmetry.

Developing complex symmetries reveals a hidden dimension in the world around us and draws forth a rich upwelling of associations within us. At once a window out to the world around us and a mirror into the world within us, these organic Rorschach patterns are revelatory on multiple levels. Through this lens, all things appear to have a life of their own. Nature is seen as a living temple.


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36 pages – 24 images


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65 pages – 50 images




Revelation gathers images inspired by the arts and sensibilities of many primal cultures.

My work is not a simple document of my encounters with the varied spirit(s) of nature; it is a collaboration with it. An important aspect of this work is bringing into focus not just what is seen with the naked eye but what is experienced by the whole being – body, mind, and emotion. The process of creating these images is like dreaming while I’m awake.


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34 pages – 20 images


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29 pages – 22 images


Two Generations


Two Generations collects the works of father and son – a photographic family.

The pairing of these two artists work seems surprising to some and natural to others. The juxtaposition of these master craftsmen using different media (analog and digital) and different types of photography (straight and altered) is startling. Yet, after careful inspection, you’ll find that their shared sensibilities run much deeper. With an abiding reverence for nature, they create mystical spaces with powerful atmospheres of silence that resound with spirit. In these deep moments of quiescence, both awaken our most essential natures.


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35 pages – 26 images


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85 pages – 75 images




Process reveals many aspects of my creative process – drawing, painting, photography, Photoshop, iphoneography, writing and more.

This ebook shows how each discipline contributes to the completion of my finished works of art. It reveals that the creative process is a never-ending journey of discovery that offers many insights along the way and that an artist’s creations are and come out of far more than the activities in their primary medium.

How artists get there is just as important as where they arrive.


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192 pages – 170 images


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192 pages – 170 images