I avoid titles that impose a single interpretation on my work of art.


Instead, I direct attention to a process, both external and internal and leave plenty of room for the viewer to explore their layered and evolving relationships with it.


I want my images to be seen not as records of things (a materialistic viewpoint) but as traces of processes (a holistic viewpoint).


Most of my images, being a combination of at least two images from different times and places, don’t fit the typical place and date format. I’ve only used this type of title for one series, My Antarctica Waking, to signal a change in practice and emphasize its more reportorial nature.

I’d like to use an active verb for my titles, but the image isn’t the active process itself, it’s some thing made from observing processes. So instead of the word Illuminating, I use the word Illumination. The act of viewing my works transforms them back into active processes and so may change the titles while the works are being observed.


I use a number to indicate the order of creation in a series.


The date attributed is the date of release, not the date of exposure.


While I use working titles for developing series, often, the final titles don’t emerge until my understanding catches up to my images. That may be some time after I created them. So, I changed the titles of a few images after I released them. 


I make my art to invite changes in perception.


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