Two Great Exhibits In One At The Sordoni Art Gallery


March 21 – May 13


Landscapes Within Landscapes  Process


Sordoni Art Gallery

Wilkes University, Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania


The gallery is currently open by appointment only.
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Landscapes Within Landscapes
50 large prints survey the artist’s career; this exhibit illuminates how the perception of nature and the nature of perception are deeply intertwined.
How we see the land changes how we see ourselves. The artist suggests we are land, not apart from nature but a part of Nature.


25 small prints unveil the artist’s practices in detail, showing how process influences perception.


Enhanced with audio, video, and hybrid texts, the two exhibits combined offer a unique look into contemporary visions of land and changes in photographic practice.


A catalog expanding upon the exhibit will be available at the venue.


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  • Friedrich Poyer

    05.05.2023 at 13:13 Reply

    Hello, is there a possibility to buy this catalog (analog or digital)? From Vienna, Austria is too far 😉
    Thank you very much. With best regards

    Friedrich Poyer

  • Larry Meyer

    06.05.2023 at 00:42 Reply

    Just Fantastic, So inspirational and your images have helped me to re-aquire the ability to see the world in ways I once did. Ways that I had forgotten. I thank you for that and look forward to seeing more of your images in the future.

  • Goldwyn

    08.05.2023 at 17:11 Reply

    As always, I am inspired by you and your vision and your process.

  • Con Nadeau

    13.05.2023 at 23:01 Reply

    Thank you, John Paul, for sharing so much of yourself and your creative process. I, too, use 3-4 different mediums to create my art, including painting, where colors and shapes start to explode. Have you everr tried Alcohol Ink painting for a very freeing and free flowing exprience. It’ is amazing, such FUN, and very liberating!

    Con Nadeau

  • Ross Kaplan

    04.07.2023 at 22:33 Reply

    Landscapes within Landscapes are wonderful images !

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