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At first glance, both artists seem a world apart – Paul works in straight, small-scale, analog, black-and-white gelatin silver prints, and John Paul works in composited, large-scale, digital color ink prints. Upon further reflection, you’ll find their shared sensibilities run much deeper and are far more significant than the surface differences. Both masters, with a strong dedication to their craft and a deep reverence for nature, Paul Caponigro and John Paul Caponigro, create mystical spaces with powerful atmospheres of silence that resound with spirit. In these deep moments of quiescence, both rekindle our most primal ways of being and awaken our most essential natures, reminding us that we live not apart from nature but as part of Nature.


Explore the art of Two Generations with these resources.



Top 12 Photographs – Paul Caponigro

Top 12 Photographs – John Paul Caponigro



Quotes – Paul Caponigro

Quotes – John Paul Caponigro



Quick Q&A – Paul Caponigro

Quick Q&A – John Paul Caponigro



Interview – Paul Caponigro

Interview – John Paul Caponigro


Online Conversations

Obscura Gallery

Maine Media Workshops

Santa Fe Workshops

B&H Optic 



Why I Photograph – John Paul Caponigro



Selected Images & Quotes



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Obscura Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, USA


Taubman Museum, Roanoke, VA, USA

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