Writing My Way Back To Antarctica


My life-long writing practice has expanded to include creative nonfiction and poetry with environmental and ekphrastic emphases.


I’m preparing multiple manuscripts on Antarctica and many pieces are being published in international literary journals.


The following pieces are selected from my published works here.


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Licking Icebergs
January 2024


Polaris Australis
Kokako – New Zealand
September 2023


Superman Has A Fortress Of Solitude In Antarctica


April 2023


Invisible Deluge

Masque & Spectacle

March 2023



The Wild Word
December 2022


Waking To Antarctica

The Royal Photographic Society Journal – United Kingdom

November 2022


Talking With Eliot Porter


Drifting Sands

July 2022


Ekphrastic Responses To My Antarctica

The Ekphrastic Review – Canada

April 2022


My Antarctica

FRAMES – Switzerland

April 2022


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